Thursday, December 17, 2009

May the Pies Of Texas Be Upon You

When I plan a big holiday dinner and do a lot of cooking, I sometimes make my life slightly easier by ordering an appetizing dessert. It's more expensive than if I make it myself, true, but everything is paid for in either time or money. And the bustling holidays are the perfect time to spend a little more on culinary treats that are extra special, extra rich and extra delicious.

Some of the best pies known to man can be ordered from Royers Round Top Cafe located an hour's drive from Austin, Texas. It's been around for over 60 years, but in 1987 Bud Royer and his wife, Dr. Karen, bought the 38-seat eatery and turned it into a warm and friendly, casual and kooky Texas bistro. In addition to gourmet comfort food, Royers Round Top Cafe has evolved into a pie lovers haven. I cannot make a pie better than Bud, so it's worth the $26.50, plus shipping, for a holiday indulgence. Now ... I just order one or two pies; but for serious pie eaters, Royers has a pie-for-life membership plan. Here's a schedule of pies you could get monthly for the rest of your life:

January: Ann's Pecan
February: Bud's Butterscotch Chip
March: Café's Buttermilk Delight
April: Café's Buttermilk
May: Bud's Chocolate Chip
June: Ann's Pecan
July: Bud's Butterscotch Chip
August: Bud's Chocolate Chip
September: Café's Buttermilk
October: Sam's Coconut Chess
November: Dr. Karen's Pumpkin
December: Café's Sin-Nammon Ring

Fruit pies are only available at the restaurant. And if you order a slice while dinning in, without the recommended vanilla ice cream, you are charged an extra 50 cents. Talk about pie in the sky! Thanks to Royers, you don't have to wait for your heavenly rewards.
Café's Sin-Nammon Ring

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  1. Now you've done it ~ pie just happens to be my favorite, and now I'll be thinking, dreaming, drooling for it all day long. Bud's delivers you say? Mmmmm...