Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time Of The Season

It's that time of the year again, harvest ... and holiday time. What side dishes do you serve at your holiday dinners? My picks are low in cost, fat and calories, but high in nutrition, fiber and flavor. They include:

Sweet Potatoes - Now is the time of plenty; you'll find them for 69 cents a pound, or less. I love sweet potatoes baked or microwaved. They satisfy my sweet tooth, which is activated by a myriad of holiday candies and treats. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6 C, E, potassium and complex carbohydrates. And they are filling when temptation lurks all around and everywhere you go.

Pumpkin - This is the only time of the year you can buy cans of pumpkin at the supermarket. Rich in vitamins A and K, some C, E, iron, copper and other minerals, it is good for your eyes, heart and immune system. I like Libby's 100% pure pumpkin, which has only one ingredient. It makes easy and delicious pies, puddings and breads.

Cranberries - Fresh cranberries freeze well and can be thawed and used in salads and drinks throughout the year. Mix them with apples and grapes also. They are loaded with antioxidants, including vitamin C and flavonoids. Not only do fresh cranberries contain components to keep illness away, they are an anti-aging wonder.

Butternut and Acorn Squash - They are sources of vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, C, potassium, magnesium and folic acid. For a simple dish, I cut one in half, microwave it for 6 - 10 minutes (depending on the size), season to taste and ... voilĂ  ... it's ready to eat.

Why wait for a holiday to serve food that's good for you and your palate? The peak season is now.
Sweet potatoes

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