Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunscreen Powder

We all know how important it is to apply sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns. But sometimes we skip it because it's greasy and inconvenient. I am guilty of not reapplying sun protection as often as I should. When I'm out, I'm busy, forget and like to travel light, sans SPF lotion.

Thank goodness, there are new products on the market to make protecting your skin easier. Sunscreen powders block harmful UV rays without adding a shine to your complexion. Ultra fine mineral powder delievers flawless airbrushed coverage. You will find them at all price points. Luxury brands (like Colorscience, Peter Thomas Roth and La Roche-Posay) are $30 and up.

You can also find excellent brands at your corner drugstore for less. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear offers the same broad-spectrum protection and has the same ingredients (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) as traditional SPF lotions. You can buy it as a loose power, or a compact (i.e. pressed power) to carry in a purse. L'Oreal also sells a loose power with SPF 19. Costs of each: About $13. Both brands give your face an airbushed finish, contain a high SPF and save you a few bucks.
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  1. These powders have been getting a lot of airplay- on various AM shows on TV. But are they safe? The best tans are not direct, but, rather, off the water. These ingredients mentioned are PIGMENTS in paint. I will take my chances on a natural look.

  2. @ Barry: Hmm. I'd never promote tanning. It's not worth the harm you do to your skin. The ingredients in the powder are the same ingredients listed in a bottle of sunscreen lotion. It's just another (dry) option in applying sunscreen. Personally, I would still use the lotion on combination skin. (Olay makes a good one.) But use the powder on the oily parts of your face (forehead, noise, chin) so avoil the shine. And use the powder to reapply sunscreen during the day. Lots of folks are like me, they don't bother to reapply sunscreen (every 2-3 hours in the summer) like doctors recommend.

  3. To change the conversation slightly, what I've seen walking around 5th Avenue is ladies have very expensive umbrellas- which might be called parasols in a different time. I could not get any good pics though I may do a "Bill Cunningham" later today. On sunny days, this is a way to keep the sun off faces. Ok- it's mainly for women; I have not seen guys with this, and it seems to be face only so it would not help with arms (though you could get a bigger umbrella). Just another suggestion on how to solve the problem for those who want to keep the sun off their faces.

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  5. @ Andrew: Thanks for this info. Good to know about products with healthy ingredients.

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