Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Does Sleeping On Your Face Cause Wrinkles?

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If you google the question, it leads to tons of beauty advice, telling you to sleep on your back in order to prevent wrinkles. And, special "wrinkle preventing" pillows are sold to stop you from flipping on your side and stomach, so sleep lines aren't permanently etched on your face. But should it even be a worry?

No, says a 2013 study called "The Effect of Sleep Position on Perceived Facial Aging." It was conducted by plastic surgeon, Dr. Brett Kotlus. He asked 100 women about their favorite sleep positions, then independent researchers digitally examined the women's faces to see if more wrinkles developed on the side they reported as their preferred sleep position. The results? There was no cause and effect between sleep position and wrinkles. Women who sleep on their left side didn't have more wrinkles or sagging on the left than women who sleep in other positions.

But, Dr. Kotlus did find more wrinkles on the left side of faces in general. That is due to sun exposure while people are driving. There is an increase in cancer rates on the left side also.

What's more, Dr. Kotlus determined that sleeping on silk, as opposed to, cotton has no effect in preventing wrinkles either.

So instead of worrying about sleeping on your side, or on cotton, you can just apply sunscreen.

For the record, I'm a stomach sleeper, and sometimes I do wake up with indentions on my face, but they usually disappear before I leave the house. Good, I'll add my own experience to the research. 

 As my momma says, "I hate doing stupid stuff for nothing." Oh, like restricting the most comfortable way to sleep; buying expensive pillows to help you do it; and forcing yourself to sleep in one position. Feel free to toss and turn all you wish!

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  1. Not that I am vain but I bought a small bottle of Jergens, I think Ultra Healing but I am not sure. It is good on the face re keeping skin moist, keeps the tan glowing, and seems to help with morning wrinkles. My sleep positions are all over the place.

  2. I hope buying moisturizerizers does't put one in the vain catagory, Barry, because I have lots of them -- face, body, hand, you name it!