Thursday, January 30, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day To You

Give us some of your candy little bear.😍
Perhaps it's the vivid red color, or falling in mid-February with not much else to compete with it that's appealing, but getting yourself a little treat for Valentine’s Day seems like a great idea, no?

If you work and save up your money, why not be good to yourself once in a while? If I don't crave chocolate on any other day, I will succumb to temptation on Valentine's Day. And when I receive gifts nowadays, they often aren't exactly what I'd pick for myself, so why not get a little something for myself that is precisely what I want? See how easy it is to justify buying yourself a gift? xoxo

A large department store should help us find the right something. The following selection is available at Macy's, both in-store and online:
An assortment of chocolate covered Oreos, or a box of  Godiva chocolates that you can share with family and friends.

Fine jewelry to match your budget and tastes ... something you've wanted for a long time! Pearls are always lovely and affordable!

There is no shortage of cute hearts whether it is fine, or Kate Spade fashion jewelry. A Macy's sale makes them budget friendly, and any of the choices can be worn beyond Valentine's Day.

Lancome Monsieur Big Eyeshadow Palette, or Borghese 3-Piece If Lips Could Thrill Gloss Gift Set, if you are a makeup maven.

I tend to be very practical when buying things for myself, even a splurge, yet I don't enjoy it any less! Sometimes we need a new pair of flats for our wardrobe, or a warm cashmere wrap that endures, or Ugg slides to keep our feet warm around the house. A useful article to fill a need brings much joy!

These last 2 items: a Kate Spade New York Watch and Deny Designs Wonder Forest Kiss Lips Coffee Mug are super adorable! Fun to wear, or use every day of the week. Daily mood lifers, it's unlikely you'll get tired of either!

Don't hesitate this Valentine's Day to get a little something for yourself!

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  1. What a lovely selection of gifts Debbie. Love that big Lancome heart - so pretty to display it! And the pretty jewels from Macy's: I remember we went there on our first trip to NYC in 1998, and how I loved their merchandise, selections like I had never seen before. I wonder if it is still the same :)

    1. The physical store underwent a renovation about 3 years ago, but shopping there hasn't changed - it's still great! Macy's is my favorite department store. The others I like too, but Macy's is where I can find quality at the best value. I was reminded of this 2 years ago when I had to buy a new mistress. The best selection was thereat a reasonable price. How I wish the retailer was in my neighborhood, but then I might be in trouble!