Monday, April 6, 2020

The Celine Insprired Cat Eye Sunglasses

Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses - $450
The weekend before all the shops closed I found a cute pair of Celine inspired cat eye sunglasses at TJ Maxx for $10. They look expensive! So adorable, I'm glad I bought them. (Little did I know it was then or never.)

Looks even more cat eye in the shop.
Very comtemporary, clean and classic, the cat eye glasses look universally adorable on a variety of face shapes. The upturned wings of a cat eye style help to soften angular, or strong features. They help balance square faces, and rounded edges give cat eye frames versatility. 

Earlier this year, I tried on the original Celine $450 pair in its flagship store on Madison Avenue. The flat face of the Celine (as well as, the Celine inspired) frames gives the cat eye shape a modern spin. The Celine sunglasses are oversized. They come in two colors: black and brown. The black shade is popular with fashionistas.
SOJOS Retro Cat Eye Oversized on Amazon here.
Although I love the look, the price tag gives me pause. Everybody is different and there is no judgment here, but I tend not to spend big bucks on accessories which get wear and tear with use. Personally for me, this includes designer hangbags, fashion jewelry and sunglasses. Although demand for luxury brands gives such items a high resale value, in order to benefit, you must be extra careful in using them. Keep it "new" fetches a high resale price (minis 20% consignment fee).
Nine West Cat Eye sold on QVC here.

With ultra priced sunglasses I'm happy to find an inspired pair that I can wear or lose without fretting. Mine are made by Nine West, and they have every charactistic I desire for less: the look, 100% UV sun protection, and a non-black lens (I prefer a lighter polarized lens to better see the world.)

Once TJ Maxx reopens, you can look for my Nine West pair, but above is an alternative cat eye pair sold online that are lovely too. What's more, I've linked up a pair priced similar to mine on Amazon which also gives you the style of the Celine original sunglasses. Plus other choices from JuicyOrange here and O2 Eyewear here on Amazon.
Once you find "it," always look for a comfortable price. Next time you're shopping for sunglasses, consider an oversized cat eye frame for style. They'll look expensive, and you might end up taking them home!

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  1. Well, these do look very smart for Spring. I hope the flowers start to bloom soon in New York. I wear prescription sunglasses, and must say I get a bit frustrated at the limited fashion range of the optical store. Enjoy your pretty sunnies!

    1. Sometimes I wonder if an eye doctor would be good enough to tell us what kind of frames we could buy that would be sturdy enough to switch out the lens for prescription lens. Perhaps a friend of a friend of a friend who is an eye doctor? An idea to keep in mind waiting for the right asking opportunity to come along. :)