Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Slip On Lands' End Comfort Summer Shoes

As warm weather approaches sensible shoes with arch support and stable heels are a must! Recently I ordered the perfect spring/summer shoes: Lands' End Comfort Mary Janes

They have leather uppers with sneaker-comfort footbeds and durable rubber outsoles with sturdy traction. Taking them on a test drive, I walked from Manhattan's Upper Eastside to Midtown (a distance of several miles) to find they protect my feet from taking a harsh pounding on concrete. I love them! They're practical and cute!
Moreover on foot, the Lands' End Comfort Mary Janes don't look juvenile and are versatile to wear with pants, leggings, skirts and dresses. Another beneficial feature is their velcro strap closures, for easy slip on and off, as well as, hassle-free adjustments. 

The Woman's Comfort Elastic Ballet Flats are trickier. The sizing is off so you have to order up from your regular shoe size. They are not for walking long distances on concrete pavement but for bouncing around your house, garden and neighborhood. Soft leather uppers have insoles that are foam cushioned. An elastic edge molds to your feet.
Lands' End Women's All Weather Closed Toe Sandals let some air in. They have soft suede uppers, shock-absorbing footbeds and sturdy rubber outsoles suitable for hiking.

For hanging out at the swimming pool or boating dock, there are several styles of quick drying water shoes, water sandals and lightweight flat Comfort Slider Sandals in several colors.

The offerings are priced attractively before adding 40% off promotions and free shipping. This summer, let's get comfy in quality and style without going broke!

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  1. Hi Debra, I have been away on holiday, and missed a few posts. Sorry you have sore toes, a sign of all the walking we do these days. I have had Morton's neuromas, for about 20 years but manage it well by buying shoes of appropriate width, plus wearing my orthotics. Guess what, I went away for 8 days and forgot to take my orthotics - just pulled my boots on and out the door and on a plane. We managed to get to a chemist in Sydney and buy some arch supports and heel supports and made a makeshift arrangement in my boots, although by week's end I was having pain and trouble. This list of shoes from Land's End is very impressive, and I am a big fan of a Mary Jane. I like the look of the blue closed toe sandals which would suit my feet very well. Alas, I have never seen this brand of shoes in our area. Happy Springtime to you.

    1. Happy month of May, Trish. Glad you were able to get away and see family. For certain merchandize the cost of shipping plus international duties would be too great. But it's always worth researching to see if it would be worth the expense. Perhaps Lands End has agreements with Australia. Here is the page to answer how much the shipping would be: https://www.landsend.com/customer-service/?1620136593726. There's also a section to click that gives international duties and taxes information, as well as, a (I think free) number for international orders to ask questions. Let' me know if anything good develops from your inquiry. Returns might make it not worth the risk, but worth checking out for the knowledge, and perhaps affordable for good shoes.