Friday, September 14, 2012

Boots No. 7 Is Coming To Walgreens

Boots is sold throughout the UK
One of the aims of  THE SAVVY SHOPPER is to find a few steals.  Boots UK offers stellar beauty products at very affordable prices.  The company began as a family herbal medicine shop in 1849 in Nottingham, England.  Today everybody from Nottingham to Madison Avenue raves about Boots' No 7 line of anti-aging face serums, moisturizers and makeup – much of it priced under $20.  In the USA, Boots' No 7 is now sold at Target and will soon be distributed by Walgreens drugstore.  Recently the two companies, Boots and Walgreens, merged.  [At times you can order online cheaper from sellers at Amazon.]

While the Examiner, an English newpaper, reports that there are higher concentrations of key peptides in more expensive brands, Boots' No 7 consistently scores higher than skin care products costing $100 or more by leading beauty editors, as well as, everyday women who use it.  English roses and Southern belles alike love the results … plus the savings!  Sometimes, you don't need more of the ingredients, you simply need enough of them to work, and that level is often open to debate.  Boots' No 7 is definitely a top-notch brand worth trying!
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  1. Haven't heard about it. Thanks for introducing. Will definitely check it out.

  2. Boots stores are all over London- excellent selection of products- many of which seem to smell really nice, even to these male nostrils. I have a closet full of "Imperial Leather" soap, all bought at Boots. If any of the product buyers from Walgreens are reading this blog, I hope you will consider importing a lot of UK products into the Walgreens stores in the States.