Wednesday, June 19, 2019

B Weiss Water Flosser

In an effort to find an image to let you see the water flosser, we get the the advertising too.
I try to save on clothes, house goods, makeup and grocery bills, but I'll spend a bit on good dental hygiene. I hope to keep my teeth in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Realistically, teeth wear out like the rest of our bodies. After 50-60-70 years of chopping, they undergo wear and tear needing repairs. Yet good dental care should help us keep them permanently. No dentures!

As diligent as I am about brushing, like many people I hate flossing, and I don't think I do it properly. I also skip it sometimes ... because well, I'm human.

In an effort to improve (last year after my dental hygienist recommended it) I bought a Phillips Sonic toothbrush. After my dental checkup this June, I added a B Weiss Water Flosser -- the latter not upon her advice, but due to my desire to do better.

They do a good job of exercising your gums and removing any food stuck in-between your teeth. I don't often have particles stuck in-between my teeth, but sometimes I do have bleeding gums ... and therefore, the purchase. 

Know that if you properly floss your teeth daily, you don't need a water flosser. It's cheaper and effective to use dental floss. But if you, too, are only human, I can recommend a good basic water flosser.

Like a sonic toothbrush, there is no need to buy the most expensive one. I'm happy with my basic B Weiss Water Flosser. It does everything it should do! Fill the tank with tap water, select a setting (gentle, pulse, normal) and turn it on. Shift it from one side of your month to the other aiming in-between teeth. It takes practice (1st attempt, you'll shoot water everywhere!), but does its work in 30 seconds.

The water flosser comes with a charger, so you use it until a light indicator tells you to sit the unit in its charger for a few hours (same as other electronic devices).

As a bonus, the retailer hires people with disabilities to give back to the community. The company backs its employees, as well as, its water flosser. Highly recommend!

Note: A combination sonic toothbrush/water flosser exists and you might be tempted to buy one, but I don't recommend it. You pay more money for a device that has a bigger footprint, and when one part wears out, you must replace both! Buying separate units for about $40 each is a better deal.

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