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Maria Tash Piercings

Although I'm not a big fan of multiple ear piercings for myself, I know where I'd go if I were. Full disclosure, I got my ears single-pieced when I was 22 years old because I looked in my car mirror to change lanes on my way home from work one day to see that I had lost another clip-on earring. That is what it took to get me to pull into a shopping center, enter a high-end store, and have my ears pieced on the spot. Definitely, a sensible move if you don't want to continue losing earrings. 

Nowadays multiple ear piercings are trendy, but I don't want to work that hard, or have to buy so many earrings! However, if you don't mind buying and putting in all those extra earrings on in a given day, having your piercings done by Maria Tash is the smart way to go. It's costly, yet anytime you decide to permanently alter your body THE SAVVY SHOPPER recommends paying the piper to have it done properly by a well-trained professional. It's safer and you avoid mistakes when putting holes in your flesh.

At Maria Tash, you 1st meet with a stylist who examines and measures your ears and then gives you advice and suggestions to make sure your vision matches the anatomy of your ears. The locations of the piercings are determined along with you and marked with a special pen before the needle goes in, so the piercings are personalized, even, and precise.

Every client heals at a different rate. Healing times also depend on the piercing location. The chart below gives you an idea of approximately how long it takes for ear piercings to heal.

The earrings you buy are 14k or 18k gold with GIA-certified diamonds, as well as, colored gemstones. They come in many sizes, shapes, lengths, and styles to fit individual customers.
Maria Tash has locations all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, London, Dublin, Paris, and the Middle East. Taylor Swift, Naomi Watts, and Helen Mirren are a few celebrity clients.
Save up ... having your ears pieced at Maria Tash ain't cheap, but money well spent!πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ€‘
Despite not being a fan of multiple piercings, I am a fan of having your piercings done at Maria Tash for the hygiene and precision. You need an expert who'll pierce in the right places. 
One word of caution: For the luxury price, the retailer should offer a lifetime warranty on its jewelry, but doesn't. Often customers must pay for repairs, which IMHO reflects badly on Marla Tash. I mean, how cheap for a business not to stand behind its pricey jewelry!
Extra Tips: Maria Tash earrings are also sold by 3rd party jewelers, which you can look for in your town. James Free offers 20% off Black Friday sales. Other 3rd party sellers, such as Tappers and Millooffer free shipping and returns
The earrings are beautiful and real gold, yet it's the skill of the piercers that drives a Savvy Shopper to pay a premium.  

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