Monday, January 13, 2020

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

As a young girl I never dreamed of, nor planned my wedding as some women claim they did, but I always liked jewelry and when asked by schoolmates what kind of ring I'd want, without hesitation answered: a big one, Tiffany setting! That would be at least a 2 carat round diamond. At least!😍 

Well, here I am years later, and it is still my favorite setting. Perhaps it was because I saw my mother's round 1 carat setting ... only I wanted a huge rock. When dreaming, there is nothing wrong with magnifying a desire. Be true to yourself in your dreams! And go from there. Know what you want, then adjust to what you can have. (Hey I've coined a new saying and will add it on top: Be a dreamer, then a realist!😁)
Diamond shapes: round, Asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess and radiant
As it turns out, round diamonds have the most sparkle of all the shapes. Little did I know, the shape of a diamond effects price. Round diamonds are the most expensive due to popularity, higher manufacturing costs and their lovely brilliance, according to Blue Nile, as well as, other jewelers. In order to achieve the fire and brilliance of a round shaped diamond, a large portion of the rough stone must be cut away. A round shape loses the most "rough" of any of the possible shapes, and it takes more time and skill to cut a perfect round diamond, thus adding to the expense.
All other diamonds are called fancy shaped diamonds. They include Asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess and radiant. A cutter can study a rough diamond to determine what is the best shape, manipulating the "rough" to better accommodate a fancy shape. On the other hand, a round shape is the most perfectly symmetrical, requiring more precision and skill to create it.

While round diamonds are 25% higher in price for the same quality of stones, fancy shaped diamonds are not cheap either. They, too, are beautiful, brilliant and popular engagement rings with customers. And consider this ... if you desire the brilliance of a round diamond for less, a cushion shaped diamond comes close with a lower price tag. So you can afford a bigger diamond by being a bit flexible with shape, color and clarity. Moreover, marquise and heart shaped diamonds are gorgeously different! Do you agree? And, do you have a favorite diamond shape?
The brilliance and fire of diamonds.

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  1. That was fun, I just measured my one diamond, my engagement ring. It is 5 mm so the smallest on your Diamond Education scale. But it is round, so that is good, it seems. I like some of the other shapes, the emerald and the marquise shape. I hope you have a nice big diamond of your own Debbie! Happy January :)

    1. I love doing the research for these jewelry blogs. Yesterday I walked over to the RealReal (they consign 2nd hand luxury goods) and tried on a 5.02 round, diamond engagement ring, valued at $75,000 but selling for $35,000. Most of us would have to mortgage our homes to buy it. So on this subject I do more looking than buying. Still great fun to do!!! Also as I have written before once we pay for jewelry, it immediately loses its retail value because you can rarely resale it for what you paid for it. Jewelry is a luxury item, and it is usually our memories that give it the most value.

      In the future if I need a part-time retirement job, I just might need to convince Tiffany's to hire me! I joke about it, but am only half kidding.:)