Thursday, January 21, 2021

Biden Inauguration Fashion

Photo: NBC News
The Biden/Harris era has began; and every 4 years I love watching the peaceful transition of power with all 3 branches of government of both parties present and watching.

But let's get superficial here, after all this is a lifestyle and shopping blog. The Inauguration must be one difficult occasion to dress for: First of all, January in Washington, D.C. is usually cold and windy. Our 9th US President William Henry Harrison caught a cold at his inauguration and died one month later; so don't layer for warmth at your own peril! And yet, bulk up like an Eskimo and people criticize your lack of polish and style!👀

Photo: Google user content and People

So secondly, the 1st impression the country has of the new President and First Lady matters. Everybody and her mother and cousins have an opinion, especially foes! A bad first impression is hard to walk back.

Thirdly, it's best on this day of great patriotism to wear American designers to support the fashion industry; and finally let's not pretend otherwise, a man's suit is not what catches our eye. A well-made fitted suit for a man literally fits the bill. Check, blink, and next!

Photo: - When Michelle Obama stood at Arlington with her stature and coat, she looked gorgeous. No stills do how she looked justice. This was the best I could find.

It's the attire of the women we notice and remember. Yesterday all the Former First Ladies, as well as, members of government branches looked appropriate, i.e., clean, put together and in their Sunday best!👗

IMHO the following attendees excelled: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Madame Vice President Kamala Harris, and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Their bright colors, warmth and practicality, as well as, the flow of the outfits as they walked and stood during the ceremony were sensational! 

Photo: Us Magazine
Not everybody has money for designer clothes. What public figures do is inspire. Public servants try to look accessible but usually can afford the expense of tailored clothes designed by big fashion houses. The rest of us do what we can with ready to wear off the rack garb. The motivation and inspiration is the same ... to show enough respect to clean up and dress for the occasion.

See close up photos here (with designer information).

Let's all wish the new administration success for the good of the country and our world.

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  1. Great post, Debbie. I loved going through all the photos. I have been thinking of a blog post too - about the fashions, of course :) Keeping right away from the politics. It must really get cold in Washington in January - every inauguration you see the warm coats and scarves!

    1. Oh Trish, I hope you do your blog and I'll link it to this one! This year was cold , but in the past before global warming, it could get bitter, bitter cold! So I imagine that is why the women wore matching coats. The designers who help them pick out clothes must prepare for cold, as well as, extreme cold. In that respect, it's easier to be a regular person ... nobody judges us to the degree of these women ... and the pictures and videos never go away! Without the judgment of the world upon me, I just buy a black coat to match everything I own. Despite the superficiality, they are expected to bump their fashion up a notch. In general women are judged more on what they wear ... rightly or wrongly, 'tis true.